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Founder, Shaka Prowash, LLC

"Growing up in Florida, I was an avid surfer and loved the water, the sun, and being outdoors. I have spent my career working as a glazier setting glass in homes and high-rise buildings. While I am highly skilled at my craft, I prefer to have my feet on the ground, interact with the people I serve, and help make a difference one home at a time.

When thinking about building a business that uses water, I was taken back to my love of the beach and surfing days. In Hawaii, surfers and natives are known to use the shaka sign to express friendship, gratitude, goodwill, encouragement, and unity. The shaka sign is a constant reminder it is not the norm to worry or rush.  A little wave of the hand spreads a lot of aloha!"

Spreading a little ALOHA

I started Shaka Prowash as a retirement job, providing an opportunity to get out, meet and serve people. One of the things I decided from the start was that I wanted to use the business to help others and be a blessing.

One of my first opportunities to be a blessing was to a sweet lady who served as a school teacher for years and her husband was a preacher. She was recently widowed and when I heard the story, I just wanted to do something for her.

At least once a month I provide service to someone at no charge just to be a blessing. Sometimes it is an individual who needs help. Sometimes it is just someone who needs a blessing.
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